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Practice Planet 1-9 is cutting edge homework help of the highest order. This state-of-the-art online educational program is designed to help students pass all mandatory state tests through Grade Nine. Combining powerful learning methods, such as state-specific test questions and Science, Math, and Reading games, Practice Planet makes learning easier and enjoyable. We have taken children’s test practice to a new level by offering state test practice questions combined with educational games. Our Practice Planet 1-9 software works on any Internet device, desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Reinforces skills learned through Orchard Home.
  • Remove the anxiety related to taking standardized tests.
  • The more they practice the easier the tests become.
  • Struggling students can practice and improve.
  • Average students can painlessly review what they have just learned in the classroom.
  • Gifted students can stay engaged and on track quickly moving though the material.


How It Works



Practice Planet 1-9 provides access to a variety of corresponding educational games in Math, Reading, and more.
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Do you want your child to view Practice Planet as an enjoyable experience? If so, get started today and provide your student with a powerful resource better than any homework tutor and experience a world of improvement made possible by the best education resources and games available online.

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Why Use Practice Planet?

Don’t wait until that very stressful time of year when your children must take state tests to discover the areas in which they are struggling. Wouldn’t it be better to prepare ahead of time using educational games for Science, Reading, and Math in a fun, rewarding and interactive way?

Standardized tests, which are based on the curriculum standards specific to each state, are the cause of an enormous amount of anxiety for students when they are administered annually.

These tests are used to determine the school’s Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Educators, administrators and government officials take the results of the state standardized tests very seriously. They are viewed as a measure of teacher and school competence. The results will determine how much funding each particular school can get, and what standing the school will have. In many cases, it can affect the type of programs the school will have available, and even your child’s future placement in school.

Scores are analyzed and many times published in newspapers, highlighting the better schools. Parents buy and sell houses just to be in the neighborhood with schools with the best test scores. The test score categories include Math, Language Arts and Science.

Many states start testing as early as Kindergarten and First Grade. Regardless of the grade in which these highly stressful, very rigid standardized tests enter the picture, Practice Planet 1-9 is the best way to keep your child progressing and learning while having fun with online education games.

Score higher on test
With fun, engaging practice test

Practice Planet 1-9 can help your child pass and excel on state tests using these effective strategies:

Your children can learn ahead of time what areas need improvement with skill assessments and fun online education games using Practice Planet 1-9. Students benefit from online test practice and preparation because they receive immediate feedback. Rather than waiting to see their test scores days, even weeks, later, students see how they are doing on every problem, every test, every test practice, and overall.

With unlimited student access to test practice questions and preparation exercises, parents can monitor which areas their children are struggling; Math, Science, or Reading. A shared expectation of school success is one of the key motivators for student engagement. Parents want to be knowledgeable about their student’s skill proficiencies.

Additionally, students like to chart their progress and enjoy the sense of accomplishment as they add to their list of Math, Reading and Science skills mastered. If they get a question incorrect, they know immediately and receive feedback. If they get it right, they know that too and receive reinforcement through integrated education games. Students can proudly show their parent(s) their own site and individual progress reports with instant access from their own home. Parents feel more involved in their kid’s education by having access to this data.

The more parents get involved, the higher their kid’s chance of academic success. The home-school connection is a KEY factor that contributes to strong academic performance. Your kid can use Practice Planet 1-9 in school, at home, at the library, during school breaks, and even summer vacations. Log on any time and practice, practice, practice – with fun online education games for kids.

Practice Planet activates memory recall using questions and education games. Now a student can have fun while learning at the same time. Practice and rehearsal are proven strategies for memory recall to retain knowledge. Practice Planet 1-9 improves student test scores because it creates a faster recall process, which reduces the stress of retrieving the information—thus strengthening test performance.

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Plato holds students to a high level of engagement and ensures mastery of subject matter.
David Wilson, History Teacher Bradley County School District -- Cleveland, TN

David Wilson   

We've seen a consistent increase from year to year.
Susan York, ProgramCoordinator, Academic Acceleration Recovery Center
Oceanside Unified School District -- San Diego, CA

Susan York   

Over the course of the last five years, we’ve had a total of 416 seniors enrolled in the Plato program; 407 of those students have since graduated, giving the program as a whole a graduation rate of 98 percent.
Cindy Merlo, Ernest Righetti High School, Intervention Lab Specialist

Cindy Merlo   

"Their grades improved a lot. The programs have helped them improve with their homework and school studies in all the subjects. One child is in the seventh grade, the other is in the fifth, and the little girl is in Kindergarten. They were having problems in school with math, but the programs helped them improve.”

Enrique Meraz - Father   

The main benefit of Study Island is in test preparation. It takes away the fear. It builds self-esteem when a student experiences growth when no other process has worked for years.
Eric Seymour, Principal

Eric Seymour   

My belief is that a good learning environment has meaningful and challenging
instruction for all students.… Study Island played an exceptional role in helping us disaggregate data collaboratively.
Cynthia Wise, Principal Ned E. Williams Elementary School -- Longview, TX

Cynthia Wise   

Plato provided us more course options for the students and additional time for students to access the instruction.
Janice Delagrammatikas, Principal Riverside, CA

Janice Delagrammatikas   

While there is rarely a single solution to student achievement gaps, it appears that utilizing technology to motivate and support student learning is one ticket that works.
Rusty Tyndall, Principal Gila Vista Junior High School -- Yuma, AZ

Rusty Tyndall   

We use [Plato Courseware] for students on both ends of the spectrum—credit recovery for the struggling high school students, as well as enrichment opportunities for students who want to complete an MIT Academy technology pathway.
Matt Smith, Director Mare Island Technology Academy -- Vallejo, CA

Matt Smith   

We spent the first two weeks of the second high school semester using Study Island for intensive preparation for the CAHSEE [California High School Exit Exam] using the math and English models. The results have been spectacular.
Matt Smith, Director Mare Island Technology Academy -- Vallejo, CA

Matt Smith   

Web-based and online learning is now embedded into the culture of our district.
Heath Wright, Director of Extended School Program Abilene Independent School District -- Abilene, TX

Heath Wright