K3 Language Arts

A wide range of skills are taught focusing on Reading Comprehension and Grammar for Grades Four through Six. With a total of 522 engaging lessons, your child will not only be covering critical Reading Comprehension and Grammar material, but will remain engaged and have fun using educational games for learning.



Clear here to see screenshots of our robust Language Arts program.

  • 24 fun programs covering Language Arts topics such as Reading and Grammar.
  • Pre-tests identify strengths as well as areas where additional help may be necessary.
  • 522 engaging lessons.
  • Computer-generated assignments are based on child’s test results.
  • Study Lessons, Practice, and Time-on-Task exercises.
  • Post-tests measure child’s achievement gains.
  • Rewards such as Reading and Writing games and entertaining activities help to motivate students for a job well done.
  • One management system allows you to track each child’s progress automatically.
  • Grade-specific preparation for state and national standardized tests.