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Academy & Academy Plus

Orchard Academy provides students the complete curriculum from grades 6 to 12 and is designed to engage, motivate, and improve achievement. With Orchard Academy and Orchard Academy Plus, you will be equipped with every resource needed. Whether your student is above, below, or on grade level, they must have a program that takes into account their individual needs and learning styles as they tackle middle and high school courses, SAT prep, and more.

Orchard Academy is carefully designed To:

  • Support New Knowledge
  • Extend Prior Knowledge
  • Develop Deep Expertise


If your student has entered the high stakes High School years, Orchard Academy Plus provides your student not only with the complete school curriculum, but everything they need to plan for post secondary education and college, from end of course State Standardized and Common Core tests, AP preparation, college entrance exam preparation, plus 32 introductory courses in the career of your student’s choice.