Acadamigo 1-on-1 Coaching 

Acadamigo provides 10 hours of invaluable one-on-one private home tutoring to be used within one year from enrollment. Sessions with a private teacher will take place online using a virtual whiteboard. Your student can use the tutoring time for homework help on-demand as well.

To ensure a comprehensive learning process, tutors will also have access to all of the student’s work completed with Orchard Learning Systems through the “administrator tools” of Practice Planet. Acadamigo will use software to access your child’s PC to review Orchard Home.


A Personalized plan and help every step of the way

  • As a parent, sometimes you may feel lost trying to help your children with a complicated Math problem or Grammar issue. Now you have friends that know the answers – friends that coach you, tutor your child one-on-one, and guides your child’s academic success.
  • Your Acadamigo Coach will provide you and your child with a personalized plan of action. From one-on-one whiteboards lessons and support for difficult homework, to progress reports so you can rest assured that your kids are getting all the very best help they need, we are with you every step of the way.

Acadamigo’s Tutors and Coaches and Targeted Game Plan Make a Winning Combo

  • Your Personal Family Coach will provide a phone consultation with parents and set up a time for the child to take an online diagnostic assessment targeting strengths and weaknesses. The Coach will work with the online on-demand tutors outlining a tutoring strategy for the child and set a schedule for tutoring sessions or the child can use the personal tutoring service on demand 24-7.
  • Throughout the duration of your child’s 10 hours of home tutoring sessions, Acadamigo Coaches will email parents with status updates that will show the progress their child has made.

Acadamigo is the smart affordable Tutoring solution you’ve been searching for.

Acadamigo gives parents peace of mind
while building confidence for your child.

  • 10 hours of 1-on-1 coaching per student. Grades 3-12.
  • Interactive virtual whiteboard for tutors and students to visually work through problems, lessons and concepts.
  • Online private tutors are available anywhere, anytime.
  • Custom plans and homework help for each child based on Pre and Post online assessments.
  • Perfect for those hard-to-figure-out homework questions and problems.


  • Initial phone consultation with a bilingual tutor
  • A custom plan for each student
  • 24/7 support
  • Detailed weekly progress reports throughout the initial 15 hour enrollment
  • All sessions are recorded for student and parent review.
  • Easy to stay involved


  • Gain confidence
  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Renew a love for learning
  • Stay motivated
  • End frustration
  • Higher test scores

No more driving and waiting around an expensive learning center. Learn in a stress-free environment at home or any place with an Internet connection.

This amazing system will:

  • Take the burden off of parents with the help of a professional tutor to guide students with a personalized and targeted game plan
  • Allow educators to help instruct and train children to use all of the programs
  • Allow educators to help with homework, projects and studying for tests
  • Send parents updates and progress reports weekly during the tutoring period

Acadamigo On-Demand

Acadamigo provides online tutoring at your convenience…
You Get Instant Access to Expert Tutors Online

Acadamigo is a parent’s best friend. Remember when your child was struggling with a Math question, and you had to re-learn Algebra in 10 minutes? The online Acadamigo gives your child instant access to the experts. Acadamigo gives parents peace of mind that their child is getting the right answer on his or her homework, and learning the skills to advance. If your student needs remedial tutoring or just wants to get ahead of the class, Acadamigo is there for you. Acadamigo is a great tool to use for homework help that augments your child’s scheduled tutoring sessions.


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Web-based and online learning is now embedded into the culture of our district.
Heath Wright, Director of Extended School Program Abilene Independent School District -- Abilene, TX

Heath Wright   

The main benefit of Study Island is in test preparation. It takes away the fear. It builds self-esteem when a student experiences growth when no other process has worked for years.
Eric Seymour, Principal

Eric Seymour   

Plato provided us more course options for the students and additional time for students to access the instruction.
Janice Delagrammatikas, Principal Riverside, CA

Janice Delagrammatikas   

"Their grades improved a lot. The programs have helped them improve with their homework and school studies in all the subjects. One child is in the seventh grade, the other is in the fifth, and the little girl is in Kindergarten. They were having problems in school with math, but the programs helped them improve.”

Enrique Meraz - Father   

We spent the first two weeks of the second high school semester using Study Island for intensive preparation for the CAHSEE [California High School Exit Exam] using the math and English models. The results have been spectacular.
Matt Smith, Director Mare Island Technology Academy -- Vallejo, CA

Matt Smith   

Over the course of the last five years, we’ve had a total of 416 seniors enrolled in the Plato program; 407 of those students have since graduated, giving the program as a whole a graduation rate of 98 percent.
Cindy Merlo, Ernest Righetti High School, Intervention Lab Specialist

Cindy Merlo   

While there is rarely a single solution to student achievement gaps, it appears that utilizing technology to motivate and support student learning is one ticket that works.
Rusty Tyndall, Principal Gila Vista Junior High School -- Yuma, AZ

Rusty Tyndall   

We use [Plato Courseware] for students on both ends of the spectrum—credit recovery for the struggling high school students, as well as enrichment opportunities for students who want to complete an MIT Academy technology pathway.
Matt Smith, Director Mare Island Technology Academy -- Vallejo, CA

Matt Smith   

My belief is that a good learning environment has meaningful and challenging
instruction for all students.… Study Island played an exceptional role in helping us disaggregate data collaboratively.
Cynthia Wise, Principal Ned E. Williams Elementary School -- Longview, TX

Cynthia Wise   

Plato holds students to a high level of engagement and ensures mastery of subject matter.
David Wilson, History Teacher Bradley County School District -- Cleveland, TN

David Wilson   

We've seen a consistent increase from year to year.
Susan York, ProgramCoordinator, Academic Acceleration Recovery Center
Oceanside Unified School District -- San Diego, CA

Susan York