About Us

About Us

To make education more accessible to families, the founder of Orchard Learning Systems created a platform that cultivates children’s natural curiosity and love of learning. OLS was designed to effectively support the home-school connection and make an invaluable difference in a child’s education and future.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that success in school begins with support in the home.
To help you provide the critically important commitment your child needs and deserves, we have developed and made available for home-use our award-winning educational software and online learning programs used by thousands of schools.


Exclusive Provider

The Orchard Learning System is an exclusive learning program for the home that is not available in stores. Our best-in-class educational software and online solutions include Orchard Home K-9, Orchard Academy & Academy Plus and Acadamigo 1-on-1 live coach. These programs are currently used by some of the best schools in the country and correspond to the curriculum used by your children in school across all 50 states. These vital learning tools help children master the content specified in Common Core Standards (Common Core Math, Common Core Language Arts, Common Core Social Studies, etc.) and prepare them for the often intimidating state-tests they will be required to pass to advance to the next grade level.

Turn Learning into Fun with Games and Activities

Because children thrive when learning is fun, our resources seamlessly integrate a multitude of games and opportunities for fun by providing guided edutainment – a range of educational titles carefully selected by our scholastic analysts. We have worked closely with leading educational publishers to optimize the entertainment and educational attributes of our programs. Through these engaging programs that cover a broad range of skills and knowledge, children develop creativity, problem-solving skills, visualization abilities, deduction skills, and a thirst for knowledge that allows them to get ahead of their class and excel in multiple aspects of their lives.

With Orchard Learning Systems, your child has access to a diverse assortment of fun games (in subjects such as Math, Reading, Writing, and Science) that aid in practice for state-specific standardized and Common Core tests, providing your child with a learning experience that is not only enjoyable but essential.


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